Deciding on the Chase Credit Card

Chase recently introduced a Blueprint program, which is geared for customers who want to take more control of their finances. Blueprint is available on a number of Chase cards, including the Chase Slate with Blueprint credit card. If you want to get a credit card that can help you straighten out what you owe, read the following information.

How Blueprint Works

The Blueprint program does not cost anything. Customers who have the Chase Slate with Blueprint card can choose one of four ways to pay off their balance. The first, called Full Pay, allows cardholders to choose which purchases they want to pay for in full each month. This allows them to pay for these items without having to spend any money on interest charges.

The second option is known as Split. It lets customers manage larger purchases. When you buy a big-ticket item, like a dishwasher or new bedroom set, you can choose how many payments you’d like to make on it or how much you want to put toward the amount every month. Chase then provides calculations so you know how much you have to pay and when, and how long it will take you to get the balance back to zero.

The third option, known as Finish It, allows you set up a plan to pay down the current balance faster. With your Chase Slate with Blueprint credit card, you can choose a date and make it your goal to get rid of the debt by that day. Chase will do the math for you and set up a plan so that you can reach your goal.

The final way is called Track It, and it shows you how you have used your credit card. While many companies come out with a printout of this on your statement at the end of the year, Chase allows you to find out where your money has been going in real time. You can check it whenever you want online to see how you’re doing.

Chase Slate with Blueprint Credit Card

In addition to the Blueprint program, this card offers some other features for customers who sign up for it. It has a 0% introductory rate on both purchases and balance transfers. The amount of time that this lasts depends on your credit history and rating. It usually ranges somewhere between six and twelve billing cycles.

The card has no annual fee. It has a relatively low APR for those with a strong credit rating. For those with a lower credit score, the APR is higher.

The Chase Slate with Blueprint credit card is one that can work for those who want some help managing their finances. In today’s credit world, a lot has been said about Americans getting into debt and having trouble getting out of it. The Blueprint may be the first of a new trend that focuses on teaching better habits.

If you’re interested in getting a card that has the Blueprint program, start your search online. The Chase Slate with Blueprint credit card is one of a number of options you’ll find. Before you apply, read through the terms and conditions. This will give you a thorough understanding of what’s in store with the card.

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